Canopy courses offered at Skydive Algarve

Posted: 15th March 2017 Learn how to be a pilot under your canopy - not just a passenger. Bruno Geada leads the FlySafe canopy school at Skydive Algarve.

This is what skydiving in paradise looks like

Posted: 13th March 2017 Every few days we see a photo flash before us that takes our breath away.

Monthly Video

Posted: 10th March 2017 Check out our monthly video from February.

Latest Flying Tip

Posted: 2nd February 2017 If you're just getting started with skydiving - check out our quick tip on how to slow fall

Xmas Boogie Day Tape 31 December 2016

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Christmas Boogie Day 1

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Monthly Video

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Christmas Boogie!

Posted: 9th December 2016 Our Xmas Boogie will run from 21st Dec- 4th January!

Monthly Flying Tip: Fast Fall

Posted: 2nd December 2016 Beginner skydivers! Are you working on your levels? Milko is here with a quick tip for fast fall

October 2016 Monthly video!

Posted: 7th November 2016 Check out our latest monthly video! October was a fantastic month here- did you jump with us? Check if you made the final edit!

Another Flying Tip!

Posted: 20th October 2016 Basic Float Exit for Student Skydivers.

Skydive Algarve September 2016 Monthly Video

Posted: 20th October 2016 A Bit of Skydiving in Portugal at Skydive Algarve! September's Monthly Skydive Video.