Accelerated Freefall

The Quickest Route To Becoming A Qualified Skydiver

What is Accelerated Freefall?

Accelerated Freefall (also known as AFF) was developed in the USA to allow anyone to experience, learn and enjoy one-on-one training during freefall. It is now recognised worldwide as the best way to learn to skydive and here at Skydive Algarve our AFF skydiving school offers a high standard of instruction, teaching you to become a skydiver in less than a week with no previous experience needed.

The Accelerated Freefall course consists of eight levels (one jump per level).

  • Jump solo on your very first skydive from 15,000ft.
  • Open, fly and land your own parachute.
  • Be cleared for unsupervised freefall in as few as 7 jumps.
  • Work towards obtaining your skydiving licence.

AFF Gold

7-day AFF training course


AFF Platinum

7-10 day AFF training course


AFF Expert

10-14 day AFF training course.


Day 1 - Ground Training

Jumping Days

How long does it take?

We advise you to give yourself a minimum of 7 days to complete the Gold package and a minimum of 10 days should you wish to complete the platinum package.

After the initial full day of AFF theory in the classroom, students can typically complete the course in just a few days carrying out around 2-3 skydives daily but it is wise to allow extra time as this does depend on a few factors, including the weather and how you take to the course. However, the AFF training is personalised and our instructors do their best to ensure your progression. Should you find that you have extra time at the end of your holiday, you may opt to do more jumps, or simply take the opportunity to explore Algarve or work on your tan at the local beach!

What happens next?

Once you have graduated the AFF course, it’s time to skydive completely solo. This is an exhilarating experience and one you will never forget. You will complete the next 10 ‘consolidation jumps’ whilst still under the supervision of an instructor, who will check you on the ground and in the aircraft before you exit the plane – totally solo.

Why choose us for your AFF course?

  • Skydive Algarve operates to the highest standards in safety and our instructors are committed to ensuring you have the experience of a lifetime.
  • All our skydives are from 15,000ft (4600m) giving you valuable extra time in freefall, which is essential when you are learning to skydive as every second counts. As Skydive Algarve is at sea level, you genuinely get our maximum altitude, unlike other dropzones that may be located above sea level.
  • The Algarve is a stunning place to skydive, with amazing aerial views of the sea.
  • Our friends at the airfield Skycafé are very welcoming, the local bars and restaurants are excellent and those who like to party can always have a great night out at the Sports Café in Alvor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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