Military Expeds

Large Groups Welcome

Train at Skydive Algarve

Here at Skydive Algarve we can accommodate military expeds and large groups from all over the world. We can cater for accelerated freefall courses, or mixed progression groups just let us know your requirements. 

 At our sister dropzone in Spain, we regularly arrange military skydiving expeds with all sectors of the armed forces. With our British background, we demand the highest standards from all our instructors and have experience in dealing with large groups and military organisations.

If required, we can arrange instructors and equipment for you or if you prefer we simply provide the aircraft and facilities and you can take control of your own trip.


Option 1

Simply turn up! We will train and jump all the students and will ensure sufficient instructors and kit is available. You may want to bring one or two instructors with you anyway, and it is usually a requirement for a military exped to have an advanced BPA instructor so this will need to be arranged in advance. We offer a discounted sliding scale of prices for military expeds depending on the size and nature of your trip.

Option 2

The exped brings its own instructors and kit and trains and jumps with the students. We offer a price per working AFF slot – please contact us for details.

Your instructors will be able to use our classrooms, emergency vests, debriefing areas and of course our staff will be available to assist. We are happy for you to hire Skydive Algarve instructors when necessary so please let us know in advance if this is something you would like to do.

Why choose Skydive Algarve for your Military Exped?

  • Fast turbine aircraft to 15,000ft
  • Good facilities
  • Efficient and experienced manifest
  • Close to Faro airport – a 40-minute drive
  • Fabulous coastal location with plenty of bars and restaurants
  • Cheap accommodation and car hire
  • English speaking office for phone and email conversations about your trip
  • BPA Advanced Instructor can be arranged upon request

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