AFF Prices

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Accelerated Freefall Packages

All prices are inclusive of IVA.

The packages bought have a validity of 12 months.

AFF Gold

7-day AFF training course


AFF Platinum

7-10 day AFF training course


AFF Expert

10-14 day AFF training course.


AFF Individual Level Prices

All equipment and instruction included.

AFF Individual Level PricesPrice
AFF Tandem and AFF Level 1 - Including Ground School €570
AFF Level 2 €286
AFF Level 3 €286
AFF Level 4 €204
AFF Level 5 €204
AFF Level 6 €204
AFF Level 7 €204
AFF Level 8 - low altitude exit €63

AFF Repeat Jump Prices

Repeat Jumps During the CoursePrice Per Jump
Level 1-3 €233
Level 4-7 €163
Level 8 €63

AFF Consolidation Prices

All equipment and instruction included. For AFF Gold package students or AFF continuation students.

Consolidation JumpPrice
Price Per Jump €57
Block of 10 €550

Additional AFF costs

You must provide your own third party/ Public liability insurance cover.

Consolidation jumps: all AFF Gold package students.

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