Checking in with team NFTO

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

We were really pleased to have UK Nationals girls formation skydiving team NFTO return to Skydive Algarve for a quick 2.5 days of team training. Recently, they changed a team member as Debs Lamsley had to step down. In her place, well-known load organiser and competitor, Sian Stokes has stepped in as their new tail slot.

Being a local in the sunny Algarve, she was has risen to the challenge and together, the girls managed 27 jumps in in their quick visit to Skydive Algarve, even with it being a quieter few days at the dropzone.

Why Did They Choose Skydive Algarve?

“NFTO are training for the next world champs in Australia to be held in October. Skydive Algarve have the same aircraft used in the competitions – the Cessna Caravan. And what’s more, it’s a fast Caravan, so we can get the jumps in we need.

I’m also rather partial to my photography and this place is hard to beat for coastal freefall shots.”

Simon Brentford

Without blowing our own trumpet, we like to think we can get people in the sky when needed. The Swallow Group of dropzones have decided in 2018 to sponsor and support a few teams who represent what we believe in and are medal hopefuls:

  • NFTO – British Female 4-way Team
  • Hayabusa – Belgian 4-way Team (and current world champions!)
  • Satori XL – British 4-way Team

NFTO will be back for a long camp in September and of course, we will be posting more awesome pics.

Want to Know More?

Skydive Algarve are always keen to encourage more teams to train with us. We have the weather, the airplanes and we can get the coaches. For more info, check out our Team Training page below:


Team Training

If you’re not into team training, but into TrackDayz, special events or boogies, we’re all the dz for you! Check out our Events Diary.

On top of this mini news item, we’ve got a larger blog post and interview all about how the NFTO girls do their thing, what drives and inspires them. So come back soon!

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