5 minutes with our Ground Crew Member, Eduardo!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Tell us a little bit about your story and what brought you to Portugal?

In January 2016, I achieved my dream of becoming a licensed Skydiver. Since then, my goal was to become a professional in this awesome sport. In Brazil it would have been almost impossible, in the situation we were living in, so with the support of my wife, we decided to move to Portugal, to earn a living and pursue our dreams. It was not an easy decision, leaving family and friends to live so far away together. In December 2018, we arrived in Portugal. Initially the life of an immigrant is not easy, – it takes around 4 months just to  obtain the necessary documents to get your first job which for me, was at McDonalds, then 4 months after that I heard of the available position to work as Staff at SA, and here I am, still chasing my dream. Once we put our mind to something – all we have to do is believe it’s possible and it will become reality!

What’s a typical day like for you at Skydive Algarve?

Whether working as part of a team or working alone- I’m always learning new things.


How many jumps do you have yourself, in skydiving?

I currently have 78 jumps.


What are your best memories since beginning your skydiving journey?

My favourite memories so far, have been when I started working at Skydive Algarve!


What do you like about working at Skydive Algarve?

Everything I do here is very gratifying, every day I learn something new.


What do you do outside of work in your free time?

I’m currently studying English. I read, I practice various sports and I go to the beach.


What makes Skydive Algarve such a special dropzone for Tandems and AFF students (in your opinion)?

We have one of the best climates in the whole of Europe, for skydiving, and visually the view here is just incredible.

On top of that we have excellent instructors who do an amazing job with our tandems and students.


Try to describe skydiving to a non skydiver…

Skydiving is a much safer sport than it first appears. It only takes a tandem skydive to become totally hooked and in love with the sport!


What are you proud of the most in your skydiving career?

However hard it became; I never gave up on my dream of getting where I am today.


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