5 minutes with our Instructor Bruno Geada

Monday, January 21, 2019

What do you like about being an instructor?

What I love about being an instructor is teaching newcomers to the sport who had no previous knowledge or experience and see them evolve and their progression. It’s very rewarding watching someone go from a novice to an experienced skydiver and know that I was involved in their accomplishments.

What do you do outside of skydiving?

I share my life with my 3 children and my beautiful wife Nilza therefore outside of work/ skydiving I enjoy spending my free time with them. We are lucky to live in a beautiful corner of the world therefore we don’t have to go far from our doorstep to reach the beautiful beaches which are of course the perfect playground for family time. My other interests (when time permits) are martial arts and rock climbing.

What makes SA such a special dropzone for tandems and students?

What makes this dropzone so special for the tandems and students, in my eyes, is the amazing team that we have, who always go the extra mile to provide the very best service and experience to each and every one of them. Of course the location and it’s surrounding beauty also makes this dropzone very special- and as far as I’m concerned the very best place to jump in Europe. The fleet of planes and the latest, modern equipment and efficiency of the operation also come high up on the list of positives for this amazing dropzone.

Try to describe skydiving to a non skydiver….

“You have to do it.” There are no words for it. I’ve spent 15 years in the sport and there is no way to describe it- you just HAVE to try it.

Leave us with a life lesson from Bruno…

Believe in yourself. All of your dreams can be fulfilled- you just have to plant the seed

What’s something you’re proud of in your skydiving career?

In short I am proud of myself for fulfilling my dream: Jump to live!

In more recent years my goal was to develop a project for Canopy Piloting Courses, with the aim of increasing the safety of every skydiver. I have achieved this goal and even exceeded my expectations. Skydive Algarve have supported me in this and in the last few years I have spread my knowledge and expert advise to 200 new students per year. Due to this success I have been recognised as a UPT athlete and an Icarus athlete.

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