5 minutes with tandem instructor Maud

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What is the most memorable tandem skydive you’ve done and why?

The most memorable tandem I’ve ever done was with my Mum- I took her up for a tandem skydive- that was a really nice experience- to share that with her. The other memorable tandem jump I did was in Mexico – when I saw whales jumping out of the water- that was also something I’ll never forget!


Why do you like Dornier G92 aircraft?

The Dornier planes are very fast, they get to 15,000ft/ 4,600 m quickly. They’re very comfortable and the huge door is great for easy exits and of course it’s also a very reliable aircraft.


When you’re not skydiving- what do you like to do in your spare time?

I adore spending time with my partner of 10 years, Jim- we share all the same passions in life and we’re so fortunate to get to experience so many adventures together. When I’m not in the sky it’s the sea that attracts me. I like to go scubadiving- I also love spending days out on a boat with close friends. That’s what I love about the Algarve too- we not only have one of the best views in Europe for Skydiving but the surrounding area provides so much to do that we’re never bored. It’s such an exciting place to work and explore.




What do you think is the most important thing for a client to take away with them after a Tandem Skydive?

I want the customer to be like: “Wow” I want it to be one of the most memorable things they’ll do in their life and something they will never, ever forget!


To someone who had never done a skydive before how would you explain the feeling of falling at 200km/h

Wow! Wow!

It’s difficult to describe- it’s like a freedom. I’d just tell them- “don’t hesitate, just do it!” You will be attached to a highly experienced, professional tandem instructor who you will be harnessed to, who will take you safely in the air. You will see the world from a totally different perspective. “Just do it!”

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