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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Paradise Portugal: Europe's Biggest Skills Camp

If you’re new to the skydiving events scene, here’s your first lesson: Get to know ToraTora’s skydiving event, Paradise Portugal, in Skydive Algarve. ToraTora, the Dutch team slash event organising crew have created some of the best skydiving events in our sport. One of them has become Europe’s biggest skills camp which takes place here, at Skydive Algarve.

Paradise Portugal skydive event is an event focused on intensive coaching tailored to each participants goals and levels – this event is for every skydiver at any level.  It’s not a camp that requires a high level to attend, it’s a camp for anyone who is looking to boost their skills with high level coaching.

paradise portugal


What is Paradise Portugal?

Originated in the concept of FlajFLaj in the US, Paradise is a freefly and wingsuit skills camp with a high jumping and coaching intensity, where the main priority is for people to learn and progress in a safe environment of small groups, no matter what their level is. And of course, we added a little ToraTora sauce, with the goal of turning the camp into a fun vacation as well.

skydive in portugal event

To anyone who doesn’t think their level is high enough for a camp like this, what would you tell them?

If you’ve successfully finished your AFF, you’re good to go. You probably won’t be doing many groups, but with your coach you’ll focus on 1-on-1 instruction jumps and homework jumps in between. Our coaches are not limited to showing you a few freefly tricks, they all have extensive skydive experienced and are there to teach you in all aspects of the sport. We might even be able to send you home with an A license.

Why choose Skydive Algarve to host your event?

For the perfect late summer climate. For the beaches and the views. For the food. And for one of the most professional skydiving operations in Europe.

paradise portugal

What advice would you give to a jumper with a freshly stamped A licence?

Be eager. Be hungry. Keep your eyes and mind open. Visit a skills camp.

Any final words?

Can’t wait for October. It’s looking like this year will be the largest skills camp we’ve ever organised so we’re fully focused to ensure that quality and safety remain at the highest level.

For more info about the skydiving event Paradise Portugal, visit the Facebook event page. There are still a few slots left, so book fast if you’re looking for progression, coaching and an unforgettable trip to paradise.


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