Sequentials Games: Another Successful Skydiving Event at Skydive Algarve!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Last week, between the 5th and 9th of April, Skydive Algarve received a few hundred skydivers joining the biggest formation flying event: the Sequential Games! 

The beautiful Algarve welcomed jumpers in the best ways possible – with stunning weather, perfect jump temperatures and of course, the view that continues to ‘Wow.’ Our fleet of DornierG92 aircraft, along with our pilots, were ready to fly, the packers were ready to pack, and the entire team was excited to help the event run smoothly. 

Every detail was important to make Sequential Games at Skydive Algarve a big success. A total of 41 jumps during the days, 7 of them with 3 planes flying in formation. Before and after every jump, the skydivers debriefed and briefed, ran through the jumps on the ground. While the event had a fun aspect to it, make no mistake – this was a serious event! 

We couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to show off our incredible location, so we schedule a day of beach landings for the jumpers. We flew a few loads in 2 plane formations, giving the locals quite a show of skydivers landing on the white sandy beaches. Our local favorite spot, Sports Cafe, was on the beach sponsoring the end of day drinks with buckets of cider and water for everyone.  

We asked Patrick Passè one of the principal creators and organiser, a little bit about the event. 

Tell us what exactly is the Sequential Games?

The Sequential Games is an annual series of sequential large formation events, usually 3 events every year. They are challenging events (like the Klatovy 100-way Challenge), sequential large formation world record attempts (like the 2 point 202-way we organized in 2015 and the 3 point 212-way we will organize on October 2017) and more relax event like the Spring 28-42 way in Algarve for the second time now. Milko, Dieter and myself are the creators and organizers of the Sequential Games.



When did the first Sequentials happen? 

We started the Sequential Games in August 2014 with the 1st Klatovy 100-way Challenge where we completed the first 100-way outfacing diamond ever following by others great challenging formations in 2015 and 2016. From the start of the Sequential Games, we also got 2 sequential large formation world records (2 point 124 way and 2 point 202 way).


Why did you choose to host your event here at Skydive Algarve?

For a lot of European skydivers jumping with the Sequential Games, to go to USA was an expensive option to jump before the nice season starts in Europe. When Milko and Siân started to work at Skydive Algarve in 2015, together we thought that jumping in the Algarve would be a great option at the beginning of the spring. Both Milko and Siân worked to put everything together at Skydive Algarve to be able to bring 90 jumpers in March 2016 and to make 28 ways and 42 ways. After this first success last year, the best thing was to come back this year to meet the sun and a very nice temperature in Portugal when it’s still chilly everywhere in Europe!

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