Try out this exit for your next tracking jump!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Let's Go Tracking!

Floris Beukers shows us his version of the "French Exit"

Our sister dropzone, Skydive Spain, recently published a coaching video from Floris Beukers, a tunnel instructor and coach at Utrecht’s new twin tunnel wind tunnel, City Skydive, and Indoor Skydive Bottrop. Floris is a part of Carneros Freefly, Dutch freely champions.

In the video, Floris teaches us a fun exit for a tacking skydive. One bonus of this exit, if you’re just getting
started in tracking and want to be able to keep your group together on exit, this is an easy and fun way to do

For more skydiving coaching videos, you can check out the Skydive Spain youtube page, or check out the Swallow Group dropzones Vimeo page for all sorts of awesome.

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