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Wingsuit flying relies on the use of a specialised jumpsuit with added material between the arms and legs – hence the ‘wings’. Groups of wingsuiters are called ‘flocks’. During freefall the additional areas of fabric expand, adding to the surface area of the skydiver. This increases lift and allows for a decrease in fall rate therefore increasing a jumper’s freefall time and allowing for a much greater horizontal distance to be travelled before parachute deployment. Wingsuits are commonly used in the extreme sport of base jumping to allow the jumper to gain greater distance from the exit point and to increase freefall time from low heights.

All coaching must be arranged in advance. 


Wingsuit Coaching Price List

CoursePrice Per PersonBook Now
Introduction 1 Jump Course - Groundschool & 1-on-1 Coached Jump and Suit Hire
(rig hire not included)
€188Book Now
10 Jump Course - Groundschool, 5x 1-on-1 Coached Jumps and 5x solo jumps €731.50Book Now
Further Training - 1-on-1 Coached Jump
(excludes slot price/ rig hire / suit hire)
€53Book Now

Please note: your personal gear may not be suitable for wingsuit jumping, hire kit is available on the dropzone (price not included in the course fee). The ideal main canopies are non-elliptical, such as Sabres, Silhouettes, Pilots, Safire’s or Spectres. Advice can be given prior to your trip so please feel free to contact us. 

Can I take part in these courses?

Some experience is needed before you can start wingsuiting for the first time.

  • Minimum of 500 freefall skydives in total or 200 freefall skydives made within in the past 18 months.
  • BPA members wanting their WS1 must have gained their FAI ‘C’ licence.

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