Tandem FAQs

Skydive Algarve FAQs


What Experience Do I Need to Try Skydiving for the First Time?

None at all! A tandem skydive is specifically designed for anyone wanting to try it out and because the instructor controls the parachute you can simply enjoy the experience. 

Can I Skydive on the Beach?

Yes! We are the only Dropzone in Portugal that offer skydives to Alvor Beach! Contact us directly for availability.

How Many People Can Fit in the Plane?

Our aircraft can seat up to fifteen passengers. For a tandem skydive you and your instructor take up two places, and your cameraman a third. The number of tandems we can take up at one time together varies greatly and depends on instructor and kit availability and what other customers we have jumping that day, for example.

Can I Jump With My Friends?

We do our best to keep groups together, however it is not always possible especially for larger groups and customers must be prepared to jump from the plane with no other tandem jumpers on board with them.

Can My Husband or Wife Ride Up in the Plane With Me?

No, unfortunately only skydivers can go up in the aircraft, we do not take passengers.

Can I Bring Friends, Family and Pets to Watch?

Due to restrictions currently in place at the Airfield, we are unable to allow any spectators through to the Dropzone. There is however a café onsite serving food and drink at the airfield entrance where spectators may stay and are able to see through onto the landing area from the car park. Dogs and other animals (except guide dogs) are not permitted as we are on an active airfield so please leave them at home.

Can I Eat Food Before My Skydive?

You should eat normally a few hours before your jump. Skipping a meal is not advisable as the adrenaline will affect an empty stomach, but neither is eating a large meal immediately before jumping.

Due to the high temperatures here in the Algarve, particularly in the summer months it’s important to stay hydrated – but again we don’t recommend drinking several liters of water just before you jump, just normal amounts for the time of year.

What Languages Do Your Instructors Speak?

Our international team of instructors all speak English and we can also offer briefings in Portuguese, French and Spanish. Please let us know when you book if you specifically need briefing in a particular language.

What About the Weather?

As much as we wish we could, we are not able to predict, nor control the weather. Although it’s normally pretty good for skydiving here in Portugal conditions like rain thick low cloud or very strong winds could stop us from jumping. Do bear in mind however that the weather can change considerably over the course of one day.

We will only contact you to cancel skydives if the weather is particularly unsuitable, otherwise we normally advise you to arrive as scheduled as often we can take advantage of good weather periods during a seemingly bad day, however you are welcome to call us before setting off if you have any concerns about the conditions.

What Happens If I Can't Jump?

If you are unable to jump due to weather or other factors you can reschedule for another suitable date within 12 months. If you are only visiting the Algarve for a holiday then it’s a good idea to book for one of the first days of your trip to allow for this.

Full terms and conditions please contact us.

Is Any Insurance Included?

Some insurance is included however tandem customers wishing to have any additional coverage must arrange this themselves in advance.

Our Tandem instructors are properly licensed and this includes Third party insurance which covers their tandem student in the event of negligence. Tandem customers must accept that in the event of injury requiring medical attention they must cover any costs until responsibility is established.

Those with an EHIC card should remember that this does not extend past emergency care and will not cover repatriation.


What Time Should I Arrive at the Airfield?

Tandem Skydive arrival times are allocated when you book depending on availability, you just need to arrive at the designated time, no earlier or later.

All the details you need are explained in your confirmation email – if you have already booked but not received one please do get in touch with us.

Is Tandem Skydiving Safe?

Skydiving is an extreme sport and involves inherent risks, however tandem skydiving was designed to minimise this enough for it to be offered as an experience to the general public. Tandem skydiving is statistically far less dangerous than many other adventure sports and safer than driving your car on the motorway.

What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

It’s almost impossible to describe but we promise it will be the best experience of your life. The (completely natural) fear, combined with the adrenaline of freefall and the mixture of relief and exhilaration you feel on landing is not comparable to any other experience.

What Happens if my Parachute Doesn't Open?

Parachutes are designed and packed very carefully to make them open. All our parachuting equipment is fitted with two canopies, a main and then a reserve parachute to be used if the main parachute experiences a problem. This is a common but misplaced fear about skydiving.

Can I Breathe During Freefall?

Yes – your body generally insists on it and we wouldn’t expect you to hold your breath the whole time! It does get a little windy at 120mph which can be a strange sensation but you will be able to breathe.

I'm Afraid of Heights!

Many of our customers are afraid of heights, and of flying! But everyone who has conquered their fear is glad they did. Many peoples fear of heights is associated with a connection to the ground via a ladder or a wall for example, however being up so high in the aircraft is more surreal, you are not on the edge of the door for long enough for it to be an issue and your mind will be focused on other things! Our instructors will be there to guide and reassure you every step of the way, and you won’t regret facing your fear.

Do I Need To Bring Anything With Me on the Day?

You should bring comfortable clothing and trainers for jumping in, we will provide all the other skydiving equipment needed. In the summer a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are essential. Don’t forget your photo ID or passport as you will need this to enter the aerodrome. 

How Long Does it Take to Skydive?

Your tandem skydive experience should typically take 2 to 3 hours, but we recommend being prepared to spend over 4 hours with us (or the whole morning/afternoon period depending on the booked time) to allow for weather delays, restrictions on the airspace and/or general busy periods.

What Happens If I Get Up There Then Decide Not to Jump?

It is actually very uncommon for someone to refuse in the aircraft. Right now you are probably wondering all sorts of things, but once you arrive at the DZ and receive some training you will feel a lot more comfortable and prepared for your skydive. We usually get the pilot to fly the aircraft around again to give you a second chance, however we will not force anyone to jump out. In this uncommon scenario we regret that no refund is available – all monies paid are for use of the airfield facilities and aircraft, training, and your instructor(s) so whether you jump or not, your ‘skydive’ has been used up.

If I Opted for the Tandem Skydive to the Beach, What Would Happen if we Landed on Water?

You will have a floating device, in case of necessity, should you land on water, you can automatically inflate it, while waiting for the rescue boat.


Is There A Maximum Weight?

Yes, there’s a limit of 100kg for tandem skydives. If you are a little over the limit please contact us before making your booking.

Can I Wear My Glasses When I Jump?

Yes of course – we want you to have a good view of the Algarve from 15,000ft! Everyone is provided with goggles when they start skydiving with us and your glasses will fit underneath. Contact lenses are also fine to wear if you prefer.

I Have a Medical Condition - Will That Stop Me From Jumping?

Should you suffer with any medical condition you should speak to your doctor first to check it’s ok to jump. More serious medical conditions will prevent you from solo skydiving, but you may still be able to do a tandem dive instead. You should always advise us of any medical conditions, injuries or anything else relevant. This is for your own and our instructors safety.

Please contact us to learn ‘who can take part ’ for more details

I Have Been Scuba Diving - Can I Skydive?

If you have been scuba diving please refrain from booking a skydive for the 48h immediately after. If you have not yet but are planning to, it’s always advisable you skydive first and then scuba dive. For more information, please contact us!


Can I Take My Own Camera Up with Me?

No, only qualified skydivers can do this. Tandem customers are not permitted to take their own cameras, go-pros, phones or anything else into the aircraft or in freefall.

Can I Book One Video for Our Group?

Your skydive will be filmed by an external cameraman and although they’re highly skilled, they’re not superhuman – tandem jumpers exit separately and are several hundred metres apart in freefall. Our cameramen are happy to snap a few photos of you together on the ground and in the plane, they are only able to jump out with one tandem parachutist at a time, so it is only possible for the freefall footage to be of one of you. Each person wanting a video and photos of their skydive must add the package separately. 


When Are You Open?

Skydive Algarve is open for jumping year around. If you are a qualified skydiver looking to visit us you are welcome, but please do get in touch to advise us of your plans in advance and to check what we have going on before you make travel arrangements. There is a minimum requirement of 100 jumps and B licence (or equivalent) to jump at Skydive Algarve. Jumpers with less than 1000 jumps will be required to land at the beach. Beach landing area is closed for fun jumping between June and September (incl.)

Where Are You Located?

Skydive Algarve is located at the Aeródromo de Portimão in Alvor, on the south coast of Portugal, near to Albufeira, Lagos and only 40 minutes from Faro. Please visit our transportation page for directions and public transport information.

Where Do You Take Off and Land?

Our skydives take off from the Skydive Algarve dropzone at the Aeródromo Municipal de Portimão in Alvor. They then land either at the airfield again or at Alvor beach! After the beach landing you will be driven back to the airfield. 

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