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1.1.The use of the services provided by Paralvor – Centro de Paraquedismo Unipessoal, Lda. (assigned as Skydive Algarve) presupposes the knowledge and acceptance by Students, Parachutists with Licenses and Customers (assigned as Consumer) of the conditions contained in these terms and conditions, which aim to regulate the relationship between PARALVOR – CENTRO DE PARAQUEDISMO, UNIPESSOAL LDA., a sole shareholder company, with registration number and corporate tax number 506845940, with a share capital of twelve thousand and five hundred euros, with registered office at Aeródromo Municipal de Portimão, Montes de Alvor, 8500-059, parish of Alvor, municipal of Portimão, and the Consumer.

1.2.The Consumer must be of legal age or, in the case of minors under the age of 18 years, be duly authorized by their legal representatives, being that the registration, acceptance and reservation of services will produce full legal effects between the parts.

1.3.It is forbidden for children under 16 years of age to participate in any course or jumps organized by Skydive Algarve.

1.4.The descriptions of the available services can be consulted on the Skydive Algarve website as well as its respective resale and retail locations, which can be found here (https://www.skydivealgarve.com/prices/) and which can be acquired by the Consumer in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and other applicable legislation.

1.5.A summarised version of this document (“Terms and Conditions of Paralvor – Centro de Paraquedismo Unipessoal, Lda”) will be presented to you during the registration and reservation process, implying its formal acceptance, so that the process can proceed. You should cancel the process if you do not agree with the terms of this document or have any questions or doubts that you previously wish to clarify.



2.1.The acceptance of these terms and conditions is an essential condition to enjoy the services provided by Skydive Algarve.

2.2.In the scope of the purchase or reservation of the intended service, the Consumer shall accept the terms and conditions described herein and available for consultation in the website.

2.3.The parts may not, under any circumstances, invoke the absence of a signature as a reason for failure to comply with the obligations assumed or request exoneration from liability, or for annulment or nullity of these Terms and Conditions in full or in partied terms.



3.1.Despite the application of all the necessary precautions and safety measures, parachuting is a radical sport and has an extreme risk, so that the Consumer already recognizes the existence of the risk inherent to the practice of this sport and the possibility of any material or non-material damages and permanent and temporary incapacity, or even death.

3.2.Skydive Algarve, its employees and instructors shall not be liable for any loss, theft, accident or damage (whatever it may be) (1) to any goods, (2) to itself or (3) to any other person or third part as a result of parachuting, or any of the activities carried out by the Consumer in the facilities provided.

3.3.In case of any loss, theft, accident, damage or death, no refund, compensation or indemnity shall be paid to the Consumer and his dependents, and it is the Consumer’s sole responsibility to subscribe insurance policy for its due effect.


4.1.The Consumer undertakes to comply with all the safety standards of the Dropzone, as well as all aerodrome rules and facilities used by Skydive Algarve, and undertakes to comply all instructions given by Skydive Algarve employees, instructors and agents in the performance of its duties, including the danger of non-compliance with the respective rules and instructions received.

4.2.Skydiving equipment, although properly maintained and regularly checked by Skydive Algarve employees, is used under extreme conditions and as such an anomaly may occur, which exempts Skydive Algarve from any responsibility.



5.1. The possession, consumption and sale of alcohol and narcotics in the jumping zone (referred as the Drop Zone) are prohibited.

5.2. If the Consumer is in an alcoholic state or under the effects of narcotics, his jump will not be authorized and he will lose the right of reimbursement of any amounts paid.

5.3.The use of prescription drugs must be reported prior to any training or jump, and the Consumer may be required to submit a medical certificate or prescription signed by a certificated doctor.


6.1.The Consumer undertakes to sign the declaration of civil liability, which model is available (here), and in case of minors, must submit the authorization of the legal representatives with the signature duly recognized, according to the draft that you may also consult (here).

6.2.INSURANCE: Students and parachutists with a license must present proof of Civil Liability insurance with sufficient coverage for the practice of parachuting in Portugal, as established in the National Skydiving Regulations.

  • Tandem Trainers have licenses that include Civil Liability insurance that covers your Tandem student in case of negligence. Tandem customers must accept that in case of injury requiring medical care they will have to cover any and all costs until liability and causal cause have been established and proof made.
  • Consumers who wish to have additional coverage should take an extra insurance. It is not possible for Skydive Algarve to arrange this service on the day of the jump.
  • In case of doubt about the adequacy of the insurance policy, Skydive Algarve may cancel the subscribed courses or breaks, returning the price paid, except for the amount of the reservation, or may request that the Consumer subscribe additional coverage.
  • The European Health Card may only cover immediate care, in part or not at all, and does not cover ongoing treatment or repatriation costs. We recommend that parachutists of all nationalities subscribe to an adequate insurance before traveling.



7.1. The total price of the jump, course, training, briefing, etc. must be paid in full before the start of their activity.

7.2.PAYMENT METHOD: Skydive Algarve accepts payments made in cash and through debit and credit cards. Bank transfers are only accepted for the payment of the reservation. Any kind of checks, American Express or payments in any currency other than Euros are not accepted.

7.3.CASH LIMITS: Consumers and Skydive Algarve refrain from entering into or otherwise participating in any business resulting in a breach of the limits on the use of cash provided for in article 63E, of the General Tax Law, approved by the Decree-Law no. 398/98 of December 17, added by Law no. 92/2017 of August 22 and in accordance with article 10 of Law no. 83/2017 of 18 of August.

7.4.BOOKING: It is required a payment for the reservation to ensure the availability of Skydive Algarve instructors and employees for the day of the intended jump.

  • The reservation or deposits made are non-refundable.
  • Skydiving is a sport that depends heavily on weather conditions, so if it is not possible to proceed with the jumps due to adverse weather conditions, the Consumer will be entitled to reschedule his jump to a mutually convenient date.
  • Rescheduling is allowed with 24h notice at no charge. After this date change fees may apply.
  • If you have reserved your jump under specific promotional conditions, these will be fulfilled by Skydive Algarve on the new date agreed between the parties.

7.5. PROMOTIONS: All activities marked with a promotional price must be completed in their entirety for the Consumer to benefit from their promotional price. If the course is not completed, the jumps made will be charged at normal price.


Prepayment in full is required before a gift voucher can be issued.

Gift vouchers are non-refundable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Gift vouchers are non-transferable. Once gifted they become the property of the recipient and cannot be refunded to the purchaser.

Gift vouchers can only be used for the selected experience.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Vouchers can be extended for an additional 3 month period for a fee of 50€. Vouchers can only be extended once and this must be done prior to the initial expiry date of the voucher.


Minimum age 16 years.
Those aged 16 or 17 will need parental consent on our specific forms.

Tandem Skydiving

Maximum Weight – 100kg (220lbs/15.7st)

(those weighing 100kg- 110kg an exception may be made on evaluation by the Safety officer/ Tandem Instructor however there will be an extra charge of 20€)

A level of reasonable fitness is required.

AFF Students 

**ALL Portuguese AFF students training under the FPPQ must have an official medical form completed in advance regardless of age**

A students weight must be in proportion to their height with a Body Mass Index of 27.5 or less (please see chart on medical form).  Exceptions may be made for those who are heavy due to large muscle, only at the discretion of the chief instructor.

Your suitability to skydive will be assessed based on the heights and weight provided at the time of booking.

Giving inaccurate information may result in the skydive or course being forfeited.

Any medical conditions, recent and/or recurring injuries and/or illnesses, previous breaks, any dislocations or if you are taking regular medication it should be cleared with your Doctor before you can self declare, on the waiver, that you are fit to jump.

Should you sign the waiver to declare you are fit to jump but in fact you are not -could result in endangering yourself and your instructor and can also  lead to insurance being invalid due to the provision of fraudulent information by you.


If you opt to pre-book a video & photo package for your tandem skydive, such arrangements are provided to guarantee availability. Every endeavor will be made to uphold the initially selected package, however Skydive Algarve retains the prerogative to modify these pre-booked options on the day of your jump due to logistical exigencies. Video and photo packages may also be added upon check-in.

Freefall photo and videography, although done to professional standards, it’s not always guaranteed to be flawless. Changing weather conditions can occasionally result in differing styles of filming. Every effort will be made to maintain the best possible standard but although we endeavor to include all aspects of your jump this may not always be possible.

Cameramen and their equipment operate in extreme conditions and although rare, camera malfunctions cannot be ruled out. If the still photograph camera fails a partial refund will be given and our team will take the best screenshots as photographs from the video recording. Should the failure of video happen Skydive Algarve will refund of the video service in full.

If you purchase a video and photo package, we will provide an edited video of your skydiving experience along with the photos. These will be sent to you via a download link within 48 hours of your jump. Every effort will be made to ensure timely delivery; however, unforeseen technical issues may occasionally cause delays.


10.1.The present General Terms and Conditions of use are subject to the Portuguese law.

10.2. For all disputes arising out of these General Terms and Conditions it is competent the court of the Judicial District of Faro – Instance of Portimão, with express waiver of any other.

Complaints Procedure

Paralvor Lda has a complaints book located in the front reception office for anyone wishing to make a complaint.

Any other complaints should be submitted in writing by email to info@skydivealgarve.com  or by post to Aeródromo  Municipal de Portimão, Montes de Alvor. 8500-059 Portimão. Algarve. Portugal.   Please be sure to give your full name and method to contact you.

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