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Tandem Skydiving in portugal is Skydive Algarve!

Skydive Algarve is located in Alvor, Portugal. We are where you skydive in paradise.

What is a tandem skydive?


A tandem jump is our most popular and the ideal way to try skydiving for the first time without any experience needed at all. All our expert tandem instructors all have thousands of skydives and you will jump using a large parachute specifically designed for two people.

Securely harnessed to your qualified tandem skydiving instructor you will experience the thrill and excitement of freefall and enjoy the breath-taking sea views over the coastline of Portugal. There’s a short ride in our specialist parachuting aircraft before you take an exhilarating leap from 15,000ft (4600m) reaching terminal velocity at around 120mph! Your instructor will then open the tandem parachute after 60 seconds of free-falling and fly you safely back to earth.

We offer an optional outside video and photo package (or alternatively the handycam option which is a camera used on the wrist of your tandem instructor) so you can take the memory of the most exhilarating experience of your life home to show your friends and family.

Video and Photo Package

Relive your skydiving experience again with friends and family and post your photos on Facebook for everyone to see.
We have three options: Your very own skydive cameraman, a handycam or for the ultimate package we have the combo- external camerman plus handycam!. 

A professional skydiving videographer will capture the whole adventure jumping out with you and your instructor in freefall. Your skydive footage will be edited with music and title screens, and you will also receive a full set of high-quality digital photos.

Make sure you pre-book to guarantee a cameraman is available for your jump. You may be able to arrange it on the day subject to availability.  

We also offer the handycam option, where instead of having an external videographer, your tandem instructor will take the go-pro on his wrist. In this package you will receive the 30-40 photos and the edited video footage.

OR if you wish to have the very best coverage of your skydive we would suggest you go for the combo package where you get to have your very own external camera flyer PLUS the handycam on the wrist of your instructor giving you the ultimate video and photo package.


Choose Your Tandem Skydiving Adventure!

10K Tandem

10,000' tandem skydive + Freefall Certificate | Options for handycam video & photos or full external video & photos

From 144.99€

15K Tandem

15,000' tandem skydive + Freefall Certificate | Options for handycam video & photos or full external video & photos

From 189.99€

Voucher – Tandem 10k

10k Skydive Voucher (Valid for 6 months)


Voucher – Tandem 15k

15K Skydive voucher (Valid for 6 months)


Who Can Take Part?

Can I take part in a Tandem Jump?

  • Minimum age 16 (Parental consent required for 16/17)*
  • There is no maximum age
  • Maximum weight 100kg (220lbs/15.7stone) fully clothed
  • Skydiving requires a reasonable amount of fitness to take part 
  • Those who have medical conditions (any age), recent/recurring injuries or are currently taking medication.  If you have any doubt, speak to your doctor before your jump to check you are fit to jump.

Bring comfortable clothing and trainers – we’ll provide the rest!

Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience? Book your tandem skydive in the beautiful coastline of Algarve? Book now! 

*Those aged 16/17 travelling without a parent present will require notarised consent from both parents if applicable.

What happens on the day

  • Arrive at the airfield at the designated time on your confirmation email
  • Complete your paperwork
  • Enter the dropzone! You will need to show photo ID to go airside so please ensure any friends and family also have this with them
  • Pay any outstanding balances
  • Receive your skydive briefing from one of our qualified instructors
  • Get kitted up and ready to skydive in paradise
  • Meet your cameraman for a short interview – make sure you have booked your video and photo package!
  • Enjoy the 15-minute ride up to 15,000ft (4600m) in our fast parachuting aircraft.
  • Leap from the door, securely attached to your tandem skydive instructor
  • Enjoy 60 seconds of freefall
  • At 6000ft the parachute will be opened by your instructor and you can take in the stunning sea views whilst under canopy for around five minutes.
  • Land back at the dropzone with a huge smile on your face!
  • Collect your tandem skydive certificate

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