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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydive Prices

Tandem Skydives purchased have a validity of 12 months

Tandem PackagesPrices
7.5k Tandem - Tandem jump from 7,500ft
+ Freefall Certificate. Available only on Thursdays
10k Tandem - Tandem jump from 10,000ft
+ Freefall Certificate
15k Tandem - Tandem jump from 15,000ft
+ Freefall Certificate
15k Premium Tandem - Tandem jump from 15,000ft, landing on Alvor Beach
+ Freefall Certificate.

Video & Photo Packages

Video and photo packages are only available for the 10k and 15k Tandem options.

Video & Photo PackagesTandem SkydiveBeach Landing Tandem Skydive
Handycam Video & Photos - Close proximity HD Video & Photos 95€105€
External Video & Photos - Personal Camera Flyer & HD Video & Photos 115€135€
External & Handycam Video& Photos - Close proximity & Personal Camera Flyer HD Video & Photos 165€190€

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Experienced Skydiver Rates

Experienced Jumper Prices

Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and have a validity of 18 months.

1 Jump 34€
Block of 10 Jumps 335€
Packjob 7.5€
Kit Hire - per jump
Packjob included.
Altimeter OR suit hire - per day
ID req.

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