14th January 2015: Skydive Algarve Boogie Write Up

Monday, January 12, 2015

It is safe to say that there is a new name on the European boogie scene: Skydive Algarve. Although by no means a new dropzone, it was recently taken over by the same operation that runs Skydive Hibaldstow and Skydive Spain. Even though this was the first skydiving boogie event organised under the new management, it ran very smoothly and efficiently. The dropzone manifest had our Dornier aircraft running up to 14,000ft all day long and the ground crew were incredibly helpful.

There was no shortage of organisers on hand with Milko Hodgkinson, Siân stokes and Billy Payn organising for the formation skydiver and Domi Kiger, Ally Milne and Dave Howerski taking care of the freeflyers. The quality and quantity of the organisers mean that every one was able to get involved, from relatively new jumpers that were working on basic skills to challenging and amazingly fun jumps being put together for the more experienced.

The weather at Skydive Algarve can be summed up simply as fantastic. We didn’t stop jumping with the exception of one afternoon. The rest was amazing blue skies and some of us were even wearing our summer suits in December!

Scenery at the Algarve never ceases to amaze and the videographers had an easy job getting beautiful shots of the bay as you can see here.

At night, the jumpers were spoiled for option for food and even in its off-season, the town of Alvor showed us a great time.

If you missed our first boogie or came along but want some more, don’t worry we are running a spring boogie. More details will come soon for that. We hope you can join them for more sun, sea and skydiving.

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