5 minutes with our rigger Eduardo!

Monday, April 6, 2020

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Eduardo Sousa and I’m from Lisbon.

When did you start working at Skydive Algarve and what’s your position here?

I started working for Skydive Algarve in early May 2017, as a packer. A year later the opportunity came up to start packing our client’s reserves, a few months after that I became a rigger and the person in charge of all the rigging at Skydive Algarve.

How and when did you become a rigger?

In Portugal, the license to pack reserves is achieved first of all and only after that can you go on to gain the license as a fully qualified rigger, as in several countries, I took my license for packing reserves in the army (Paratroopers) in February 2010, where I worked until June 2016. During those years in the army I took a beginners rigging course where I started to realise it was something I really enjoyed doing. In January 2018 I had the opportunity to work alongside and gain experience from Hélder Sousa who taught me a lot and prepared me for working as a rigger. A month later I went to England to our sister DZ, Skydive Hibalstow to take the course with our Safety Adviser, Noel Purcell. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from the best.

What’s a typical day like at SA for you?

A typical day in paradise is as follows: I check the rigging work then after doing so I check to see if my colleagues need any help with anything on the packing floor and then if there’s anytime left, before the end of the day, I might go and have a cheeky fun jump!


How many skydives do you have?

I have almost 600 jumps but I still have a lot to learn.

What’s one of your most memorable moments skydiving?

My most memorable skydive was when I did my first Tandem at night in the army, with Vitor Correia, on the C295 aircraft down the ramp. Amazing!

What do you like about being a rigger at Skydive Algarve?

What I like most about being a rigger at Skydive Algarve is that every day new challenges are presented to me.

What do you do outside of work, in your free time?

When I have free time, my girlfriend and I will always like to take a walk around our beautiful Algarve. And obviously when I can, I go to DZ for a quick fun jump.

What makes SA such a special dropzone for tandems and students?

The weather conditions, the spectacular landscape and of course our amazing staff.

Try to describe skydiving to a non skydiver.

Skydiving is a safe sport and, once you try it you get addicted and you won’t want to do anything else.

What’s something you’re proud of in your career?

What I am most proud of in my career is where I’ve got to and what I’ve achieved until now. Nothing in my life has been easy, I’ve had to work hard to get to where I am. I’m obviously also proud that I play a part in keeping others safe in this wonderful sport.

Leave us with a life lesson from Eduardo

Recognise all your small victories. They will add up and become something huge and incredible.

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