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Train with the Best

We welcome Teams for training and for Coaching!

Skydiving is becoming increasingly more competitive and at Skydive Algarve we can help you become the best, with great facilities, a fast turnaround, and opportunities to train alongside other professional teams.

Skydive Algarve is pleased to welcome teams during their training. Please be assured we will do everything we can to make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

  • creepers and a creeping area
  • de-briefing areas
  • experienced and conscientious packers
  • friendly and capable manifesters
  • world class coaches available for pre-booking

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Team Training Prices

Skydive Algarve offer a discount for teams planning to make over 50 team jumps – when pre-paid. If your camp is not going to have that many jumps, our normal jump prices apply. Your team will be charged for the normal competition slots i.e. 5 slots for 4way / VFS, 9 slots for 8-way, 3 slots for Freefly. Therefore, please make sure you have a complete team when you arrive and potentially a contingency plan in the event you may lose a team member during your camp.

Pre-Book Packers

€5.40 per pack bought through the office

Per CampPrice Per SlotPrice Per Team
4-way / VFS (5 slots)
Over 50 team jumps per camp.
8-way (9 slots)
Over 50 team jumps per camp.
Freefly (3 slots)
Over 50 team jumps per camp.

Satori Academy

The Swallow Group drop zones are home to the Satori Academy, which offer 4-Way FS competitive team training camps for skydivers of all levels. Founded in 2007 by team Satori member Julia Swallow, herself a Female 4way FS Women’s World Gold medal winner, team Satori have had success at both national and international levels, most recently being the gold medal winners at the British Open 4 way FS skydiving championships 2015.

Lead by highly experienced skydivers of world competition level, the Academy brings together the best skydivers to build teams and compete, entering them into national and European 4-Way competitions. It is a fantastic way to be part of a team and receive a world-class level of formation skydiving team coaching. Try-outs take place annually in the tunnel each November.

Team Satori is also available to coach your skydiving team at any of our three dropzone locations in Spain, the UK and Skydive Algarve.

Team Rates

To take advantage of the discounted team rate, we require payment in advance of any jumping taking place. E.g. a 4way team arriving to use the discounted rate would be required to pay €136.50 x 50 =€6,825 before they started jumping, and then the team’s account will be credited for 50 team jumps.

If you do not make the required minimum of 50 team jumps, then any remaining money is left on the team member’s individual accounts (the performing members) for future use at Skydive Algarve.

We cannot offer a refund of any kind, as you have accepted the discounted team rate in advance. If you prefer to pay jump per jump, please use our normal jump prices. If you reach the minimum number of 50 team jumps and continue to jump, your team will be charged at the end of each day for the number of jumps they made that day. We cannot run accounts for teams. If you wish to use our packers at the team discounted rate, please book them in advance and you must pay for packjobs in advance to the office. All your team members must use our packers for all jumps to be eligible for the discounted packing rate.

In order to qualify for team jumps

  • the team members must be the same people on all skydives
  • there is no team rate for teams with less than 3 people
  • choose the jump number bracket and pay in advance for all the team jumps to the minimum of the bracket.
  • no refunds for unused jumps
  • value of remaining money is left on your account after the jumps made have been deducted according to the correct bracket.

Weight Belts for Team Jumping

We understand getting here with all your gear, under the limited luggage allowances airlines now impose, can be tough. So all you need to bring is your empty weight belt. We have 2lb weight pouches available, they are standard size and free to use during your team training camp. You will need to pay a deposit of €10 which will be refunded to you on return of the pouches. Please advise us in advance of your trip by emailing if you want to hire weight so we can have sufficient pouches available.

The Swallow Group also own two additional drop zones. Skydive Hibaldstow in the UK and Skydive Spain in Seville where they have an established team training programme. If you are looking to commit to camps at multiple Swallow Group dropzones for the season, or simply want to try somewhere new, then please get in touch.

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