Team Training & Coaching

Train with the Best

We welcome Teams for training and for Coaching!

Skydiving is becoming increasingly more competitive and at Skydive Algarve we can help you become the best, with great facilities, a fast turnaround, and opportunities to train alongside other professional teams.

Skydive Algarve is pleased to welcome teams during their training. Please be assured we will do everything we can to make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

  • creepers and a creeping area
  • de-briefing areas
  • experienced and conscientious packers
  • friendly and capable manifesters
  • world class coaches available for pre-booking

For team training rates, please email for a quote.

4 Way FS Coaching

Team Rates

For team training rates, please email for a quote.

Weight Belts for Team Jumping

We understand getting here with all your gear, under the limited luggage allowances airlines now impose, can be tough. So all you need to bring is your empty weight belt. We have 2lb weight pouches available, they are standard size and free to use during your team training camp. You will need to pay a deposit of €10 which will be refunded to you on return of the pouches. Please advise us in advance of your trip by emailing if you want to hire weight so we can have sufficient pouches available.


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