Beach Landings

Premium Experience

Tandem Skydive onto Alvor Beach


Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime with our exclusive offering: a tandem skydive landing onto the breathtaking Alvor Beach! Skydive Algarve is proud to be the only skydive center in Portugal providing this extraordinary adventure. Brace yourself for an unmatched experience that combines the adrenaline rush of skydiving with the beauty of one of Portugal’s most stunning beaches.


  • Arrive at the airfield at the designated time on your confirmation email
  • Check in at the reception desk
  • Enter the dropzone! You will need to show photo ID to go air-side 
  • Pay any outstanding balances
  • Receive your skydive briefing from one of our qualified instructors
  • Get kitted up into your skydive suit, tandem harness and flotation device and get ready to skydive in paradise
  • Meet your cameraman for a short interview – make sure you have booked your video and photo package!
  • Enjoy the 15-minute ride up to 15,000ft (4600m) in our fast parachuting aircraft.
  • Leap from the door, securely attached to your tandem skydive instructor
  • Enjoy 60 seconds of freefall
  • At 6000ft the parachute will be opened by your instructor and you can take in the stunning sea views whilst under canopy for around five minutes.
  • Land onto Alvor beach
  • Return to the dropzone with our free pick up service
  • Collect your tandem skydive certificate

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