4 Way World Champions Hayabusa at Skydive Algarve

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hayabusa discuss their plans for skydive competition in 2018

Our sponsored team and world champions, Hayabusa, took the time to chat with our marketing team about their upcoming skydive competition plans. We’ll be covering the team’s road to competition this year as they make their way to the world championships in Australia.

Hayabusa are a 4 way FS military team from Belgium. They are putting in all of their effort this year to be the first team to win the world championship 3 years in a row. The team’s training schedule is not an easy one. The team will be making 12-14 jumps per day, with rotations of 4 back to backs. Back to back skydives take a lot of energy. The skydiver jumps, and immediately upon landing, grabs a pre-packed rig to jump again, doing this four times means the jumper doesn’t rest in between jumps, nor do they have time to debrief the jumps. For an average jumper, this would take a lot of energy. Hayabusa are seasoned champions, and this kind of training schedule is what gives them the edge.

“It’s been amazing at Skydive Algarve. The weather’s been great, all the staff are helping us to train, to debrief, to set everything so we can make the perfect training days how we want it.” – Hayabusa


This weekend, Hayabusa are competing in the Windoor Wind Games indoor skydiving competitions. We wish our team a lot of luck!

For more info on team training at Skydiving Algarve, contact us at info@skydivealgarve.com or read more here.

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