Magician DMC Becomes Licensed Skydiver At Skydive Algarve

Friday, September 28, 2018

What a pleasure it was to have the famous magician DMC at Skydive Algarve! DMC visited us as our recent AFF student, in just days becoming qualified to skydive alone and eventually became a licensed skydiver! Thanks to the expert tuition and guidance of our AFF instructors, DMC walked in a magician and left a licensed skydiver. He edited a quick video of his experience during our course at our Alvor dropzone. Although he’s a famous magician, we report there was no magic used in gaining his license to become a licensed skydiver. All he needed was Skydive Algarve, great instructors, and a willingness to throw himself out of our aircraft with the right instruction!

What does the course consist of?

The become a licensed skydiver, we offer the most modern training available. The full course consists of theory training, on the ground and eight skydives (8 Levels). The theory and practical classes start at 9am and after at least 6 hours ground training you are prepared for your AFF Tandem skydive.


The educational AFF Tandem gives you a unique opportunity to practice what you have been taught whilst still harnessed to a professional instructor. You will look at your equipment, practice your checks in the aircraft, then exit from the plane. During freefall you can carry out the drills you have been taught and then you can try and open the tandem parachute for your instructor. Once under canopy, you can see the dropzone from above and fly the parachute under your instructor’s guidance, and he will then land it for you. Normally your AFF Tandem will take place the same day as your training, weather permitting.


Your solo AFF Level 1 skydive will start the next day. Throughout Levels 1 to 3 you are accompanied by two instructors during freefall who are working with you to help you become a licensed skydiver and on successful completion of these skydives you will move on to Levels 4 to 7 with just one instructor. Level 8 is a solo exit from a lower altitude of 5,000ft.


Before applying for a license as a qualified skydiver there is an intermediate period, during which time you will need to complete a few solo consolidation jumps, practicing the skills you have learnt, whilst still supervised in the aircraft, and on the ground, by an instructor.


Skydive Algarve is a USPA affiliated DZ and welcomes students from all around the world. We can help you fulfill the requirements to apply to become a licensed skydiver from most countries, but please note additional jumps may be required.


Our packages and what they include:


 AFF Gold                Ground school,  AFF Tandem, L1-8, goggles, logbook, manual

 AFF Platinum         Ground school, AFF Tandem, L1-8, goggles, logbook, manual

10x solo Consolidation jumps


 AFF Expert              Ground school, AFF Tandem, L1-8, goggles, logbook, manual

12x solo Consolidation jumps, 5 FS coaching jumps



How long does it take To BECOME A LICENSED SKYDIVER?


For students traveling from abroad we recommend 7 – 10 days especially if you are wanting to also complete your consolidation jumps.  Some students progress faster than others and it also allows time in the event of bad weather (although it’s normally very good here in the Algarve!). It also allows time for any repeat levels should it be necessary.


How to book:


You need to book in advance to schedule your initial training date. We have Theoretical lessons starting weekly and it’s possible to check the available dates and to book your AFF Course directly on our website: To secure a place we require a non-refundable deposit of 100€ per person, payable with debit or credit card and you will automatically receive a confirmation via your email.


Certain age, weight and health restrictions apply to solo students including:

  • Maximum weight limit of 100kg (this is also dependent on your height and we reserve the right to refuse students who exceed the recommended Body Mass Index of 27.5)
  • Maximum age limit of 50 and the minimum age is 16 with a parent present to sign consent for 16/17yr olds.
  • If you are aged 40 – 49 you must obtain a medical form from Skydive Algarve to be signed by your doctor.
  • Those of any age with medical conditions, recent or recurring injuries, any dislocations or who are taking medication must obtain a medical form from Skydive Algarve to be signed by your doctor.

If there are any doubts about our restrictions, please contact us before you proceed with the booking.



We require a payment of 18€ to join the Portuguese Parachute Federation as a Provisional License holder- this will cover you for the third party and public liability insurance for Skydiving in Portugal.      For those coming from outside Portugal we also strongly recommend taking out your own personal accident insurance as reciprocal European healthcare does not extend past emergency care and does not cover repatriation. Please also note that travel insurance companies may only cover you if you are a permanent resident of that country, and you can usually only take out a policy before you depart on your trip.

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