Monthly Flying Tip from Julia Foxwell

Friday, April 20, 2018

Side Sliding

Julia from Skydive Algarve brings us our monthly flying tip- here she talks about side sliding. She explains how one should imagine they’re about to maneuver into their side slide position. When wishing to side slide to the right you should push your right knee down and your right elbow down and lift up the left side of your body. So imagine that your body is being tilted to the right and the air is deflecting and pushing your body off to the right. If you want to stop then you need to put the same amount of input the opposite way. Julia demonstrates side sliding to the right and then she stops and she goes back to neutral. Then she demonstrates how she side slides to the left, she then stops and she goes back to neutral.

She explains that the reason why we do this is because it’s the most efficient way of moving from A to B.

And that’s how you side slide!

Thanks for watching our monthly flying tip from Skydive Algarve.

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